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The principle of the Enplate numbering system is that vinyl alpha/numeric panels, which are adhesive on the face, are applied to the reverse and read through the ‘windows’ of the UV resistant clear polycarbonate Enplate. 

The Enplate can be screen printed with a logo, message or coloured border as required.


It is then mainly prepared with folded returns to be affixed to a lighting column or other street furniture, usually by means of banding straps.


Alternatively, they can be left flat for attachment to a flat surface; screwed, nailed or blind riveted.


Features of the Enplate numbering system are: 


  • Robust and UV resistant material 

  • High impact strength and temperature resistance 

  • Generic or bespoke designs 

  • Enplates are economical, made with basic components 

  • Enplates are re-usable, after knockdown or road alteration  

  • Fast and easy to install or remove in all conditions 

  • Well proven, durable product lasting up to 20 years 

  • Polycarbonate is fully recyclable  



Data sheets are available, on request, for all the material elements that go to make up the Enplate.