Charles Lighting is a family-owned business run by Pauline and Paul Chesterman since 2019, manufacturing Enplates, primarily for the street lighting industry.

Founded by the Charles family in 1989, from shared premises in Lenthay Road and run for 30 years by Bob Hanks, the Company moved to Priestlands Lane in Sherborne, Dorset, where we continue to run the business today.

The Enplate numbering system is still our core business, but we also produce information message and instruction signs using the Enplate format.




Paul has brought a wealth of experience from 40 years Local Authority Transport Management and Engineering roles, working in Oxfordshire, Somerset and Dorset.

Sales Director

Pauline has worked for Charles Lighting since 2006, in an administrative role, as well as being part of the production team, thus ensuring a continuity of service and retention of expertise within the company.

Accounts Director

Our priority is to continue to serve both new and existing customers, ensuring their current and future needs are met.  We will continue to maintain what the company has done well for the past 30 years, while exploring new possibilities within the industry.